February 19, 2018

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Main office phone number: 865-693-8401

Physical Address: 501 Adesa Parkway, Suite 260, Lenior City, TN 37771

Contact the CMG management team or your individual agent below:

Steve Ruth is the President and Managing General Agent (MGA) of CMG.
Call Steve today at 865-693-8401
Visit Steve Ruth’s individual site by clicking here.

E.B. Widener is a Managing Partner & Senior Agent Manager at CMG.
Call E.B. today at 865-693-8401
Visit E.B. Widener’s agent site by clicking here.

Matt Seeger is a General Agent at CMG.
Call Matt today at 865-693-8401 (office) or 865-622-8899 (cell or text)
Visit Matt Seeger’s agent site by clicking here.

Wallace Gillespie is a General Agent at CMG.
Call Wallace today at 865-693-8401 (office) or 865-309-5525 (cell or text)
Visit Wallace Gillespie’s agent site by clicking here.

Herman Thompson is a General Agent at CMG.
Call Herman today at 865-693-8401 (office) or 865-207-8451 (cell or text)
Visit Herman Thompson’s agent site by clicking here.

Jim Woroniecki is a General Agent at CMG.
Call Jim W. today at 865-693-8401 (office) or 865-292-1255 (cell or text)
Visit Jim Woroniecki’s agent site by clicking here.

Mike Seahorn is a General Agent at CMG.
Call Mike S. today at 865-693-8401 (office) or  865-806-6223 (cell or text)
Visit Mike Seahorn’s agent site by clicking here.

Mike Beach is an off-site General Agent at CMG.
Call Mike B. today at 865-693-8401 (office) or 865-771-3082 (cell or text)
Visit Mike Beach’s agent site by clicking here.

Hal Fewell is an off-site General Agent at CMG.
Call Hal today at 865-693-8401 (office) or 865-312-0439 (cell or text)
Visit Hal Fewell’s agent site by clicking here.

Michael Taylor is an off-site General Agent at CMG.
Call Michael today at 865-693-8401 (office) or 865-607-1523 (cell or text)
Visit Michael Taylor’s agent site by clicking here.

Ben Chance is a General Agent at CMG.
Call Ben today at 865-693-8401 (office) or  865-403-0670 (cell or text)
Visit Ben’s agent site by clicking here.

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